Why Hiring A Casino For Your Wedding Is A Great Idea

A poker or blackjack tournament is the perfect icebreaker to give everyone the chance to meet each other at your wedding reception venue. You may spend more time with your photographer than you anticipated due to unpredictable weather in England and Wales. Do not leave your guests in the cold! Relax and capture the moment with this wedding casino hire and you’ll be able to see that everyone is enjoying the party. The sight of a roulette table alongside the bar at the interval will delight your closest friends who may have travelled a long way to be there for you. After your speeches are over, each guest will be given fun money that can be presented to the dealers at the casino tables to receive chips to start the gaming. You can transfer chips to one table from another, giving your guests the chance to play a variety real casino games. Your guests will enjoy light-hearted entertainment and a wedding casino at the end of the interval.

All Ages Are Welcome

Fun casino is a great option if you have guests of different ages at your wedding. Our staff interacts with children, encouraging basic addition and probabilities. Children love casino games. These are the games that seniors in your family will enjoy if they attend. Both young …. can play together. Everyone can play together, no matter their age. It’s a great way to make new friends and break the ice when people meet for the first-time.

Interaction Among All Age Groups

The casino games can be a great way for family members to meet up, break the ice and become a team. All ages, young and old, can play the games together, give advice, and have a lot of fun.

There Is No Real Money Involved

A fun casino can be rented for your guests as entertainment. Fun Casino will provide fun casino money for your guests upon their arrival. Your guests can then exchange the money at the tables for prizes or bragging rights.

Many People Can Play Simultaneously

Many guests can play blackjack, roulette or craps simultaneously. You can have your guests always compete against one another or the croupier. Your guests can cash in chips to get a fake cheque. They can then move to another table to exchange their cheque for chips. It’s easy and fun for everyone.

It Works At Any Hour Of The Day

Do you want to keep people entertained at all times of the day and night? Flexible slots are available at Fun Casino for any time of day. If your wedding is at one in your venue, and you have photographs from 2-5pm. While people are calling for photos, we can entertain the guests. You can have both evening and day guests play at the slot between 6-9pm. Guests arriving in the evening from 7-7.30 pm can also play. You can also have Fun Casino fill in the evening slots. To complete your evening entertainment package, we can work with photobooths as well as caricaturists or DJ’s.

You Can Make Us A Big Or Small Part Of Your Entertainment

Flexible time slots are available for up to three hours. Fun Casino can either be a large part or a small one. The staff at the casino tables will always cash out people for the cutting the cake or the first dance. We will also stop play if you have other important events scheduled during the evening. Please let us know when filling out the booking form. Fun Casino can run your event according your plan.

Men Keep Busy

The wedding is all about the bride and her hair, her shoes and that dress! While this is true ……, it’s a great way for the groom and groomsmen to have fun! It’s a great way entertain!

What Hour Can I Go To My Casino?

funcasinofun offers a casino package that you can hire at any hour of the day. A 3-6 slot is the best option for those who want to have a fun afternoon at the casino. These slots can be used to keep your guests entertained while your wedding breakfast is being prepared. Your fun casino can be booked after the wedding breakfast. For example, 6-9pm is a good slot to entertain both your day guests as well as your evening guests. Evening casino entertainment can also be a great way for everyone to have fun. Casino entertainment can be combined with bands, magicians, Djs, and other entertainment that you have booked. Fun casinos are a hit with all ages and work well at weddings.

What Is The Best Way To Play At The Casino?

Fun Casino offers two options for fun money: our fun money and personalised fun money. This is the money that we will give to your guests for their wedding entertainment. Your guests can bring their money to the casino tables, where they can exchange it for chips. The croupiers will keep track of the guests throughout the night, and can issue fake checks to them when they are ready to leave. The DJ will announce the winner shortly before the end of play and award the prize. If there is no prize, and guests are only interested in bragging rights, we will inform them who has won.

What Prizes Can My Guests Win?

We are happy to award any prizes that you choose on the day. You can let the staff know the details on the day or at the time you book so we can prepare for your special day. We make sure everyone has fun and that there are prizes to be won.

What Prizes Can I Offer My Guests?

Fun Casino will provide a fun casino for you to choose the prizes that you want. Your guests will know you best, so it is up to you to decide if they want to play seriously and a winner is chosen at the end, or if they are only interested in having fun gambling tables. Sometimes we can give joke prizes or kids prizes. The best player prize! We are open to accepting any prizes that you wish for your guests. We can customize the prizes for your wedding by letting you know.

Children Are Coming To Our House, Can They Play?

They can still play! For tips and advice, we recommend that they play with an adult. Our croupiers can help with strategy and game planning, and even teach them maths! We have found that most children are great at casino games, and they love to play! They often win ….. It is always worthwhile to buy sweetie prizes for children if you have them.