What You Need to Know About Wedding Favours

An increasing number of couples are attempting to make their wedding day as pleasurable and special for their guests as it is for themselves. This necessitates careful consideration when choosing the ideal wedding favour, but what exactly does that entail?

Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to know about giving wedding favours Singapore.

What are wedding favours?

Depending on whether there are children present, the bride and groom may offer wedding favours to some or all of their guests. They are typically distributed to guests at the reception as a thank-you gift for attending the festivities and are meant to be taken home with them.

How much should my budget be for wedding favours?

How much you’re willing to shell out will ultimately depend on you and your partner.

That said, ideally, a wedding gift should be given to every visitor at the reception, including the wedding party, any children present, and the entertainment.

What kind of wedding favours should I get for my guests?

Wedding gifts frequently contain thank-you cards, candy, flowers, and other items, but individualized gifts are gaining popularity. This entails, among other things, printing the couple’s photo on a card or engraving the wedding date on mugs.

Consider the following while selecting your wedding favours:

  • Would you like it to complement your colour scheme?
  • Do you intend to purchase food or purely ornamental gifts?
  • Would you like to provide a seasonally appropriate wedding favour, such as champagne glasses or sunglasses?
  • How about something timely, such as a custom COVID-19 care pack?

How to select the ideal wedding favours for your visitors

We’ve compiled the top four factors to think about when choosing the perfect gifts, along with some suggestions to get you started.

Think things through.

Wedding favours might be a real item that your guests can take home, or they can be something that complements the food being served.

Sugared almonds are one example of a classic food favour, but modern brides and grooms can prefer drinks, a box of sweets, or coffee.

Simple is best.

Avoid being overly specialized or specific to avoid having the majority of your favours wasted by those who don’t care for them. What do you anticipate the majority of the visitors will enjoy?

Try your hand at DIY

You can save money by making your own gifts while also providing each member of your family and friends with a one-of-a-kind present that they will treasure.

To leave a lasting impression, consider growing micro plants, making your own soap, or purchasing small mason jars to fill with snacks.

Shop within your means

If your guest list is short, you might want to invest a little more money and make your wedding favours really memorable.

You might want to stay with something more straightforward because the larger the guest list, the more favours you’ll need.

If the bride and groom are seeking inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts, they can consider purchasing mints with a custom label or a flower seed package with a handwritten note.