Your wedding tablecloths often stand out at the wedding reception, and they can make or break the decor. They tie all the other table decorations together and serve as the foundation for the centerpieces and dining items. Here are some tips for decorating your tables for your wedding reception:

Try combining different colors

You do not have to stick to one color when you can employ different hues on your wedding reception tables. You can use a variety of tones to paint your tablescapes as long as you keep the wedding color palette in mind. For a unified aesthetic, match the linens with your floral centerpieces.

Play with texture

There are more ways to improve your reception than using a vibrant tablecloth. Additionally, textured linens will enhance the room. Velvet or Panama linens will offer your tables a smooth finish due to their opulent and beautiful appearance. Check these out. The heavier fabrics are especially suitable for weddings in the fall or winter. Your centerpieces and hanging installations will have more texture if you mix fresh and dried flowers in them.

Select a floral design.

Flowers are, without a doubt, among the most significant components of any outdoor wedding. Floral tablecloths will help you achieve your aesthetic for outdoor parties and events with a garden theme. Add floral illustrations to your table numbers, a sprig of fresh flowers to each place setting, and choose seasonal flowers for your centerpieces to bring your theme home.

Consider neutrals

White tablecloths will help the surrounding landscape’s natural beauty stand out. Minimalist linens will let the picturesque surroundings serve as the main décor, whether you’re celebrating in the sunny islands of Hawaii or the rolling hills of Tuscany. You may create a subtle backdrop by combining white chairs, napkins, and chargers, allowing stunning floral arrangements to come to life.

Utilize monochromatic tones

Nothing is more classic than an exclusively white color scheme. Choose a monochromatic style if you don’t want a specific element of your tablescape to stick out. White tablecloths, chairs, china, candles, and flowers can make a stylish setting.

Invest in a contemporary aesthetic.

White tablecloths don’t have to be dull. Simple linens can help you realize your vision, depending on the decorations you employ. For instance, ghost chairs, gold flatware, gold chargers, and light pink taper candles can give a muted tablecloth a contemporary flair.

Add a dark flare

Utilize a unique linen option to keep guests on their toes. For instance, a dark purple tablecloth looks stylish when decorating for a fall or winter wedding. The floating feather centerpieces’ purple, pink, and orange hues will go well with the tablecloth and add a distinctive touch to your design. Candles placed in a runner across a lucite layer will help to illuminate the dark area.

Make it fun

Finally, your tablecloths can depict several elements of your personality and connection with fun patterns. You may create a relaxed atmosphere at your wedding by using yellow checkered tablecloths that make you feel like you’re having a picnic in the park with your favorite people.