The ultimate guide to different photo paper finishes

Technology and innovation enabled everyone to find their inner photographer. If you too have a collection of cute photographs that you want to get printed but are not sure which finish would look best, then it is the right post for you. The post describes the top three finishes that are offered by a photo processing lab in Iowa. Read about different options available to choose what works best for you.

  1. Luster: As the name suggests, the lustre finish would give a unique sheen to the prints. These finishes can be available in sizes up to 30X40 and work best if the photography contains skin tone and require colour stability.
  2. Silk: If you are searching for something with a luxurious feel, then silk is your go to option. The fine texture and soft sheen would do justice to your high quality commercial portraits. It is best for the reproduction of pure whites and hence ideal for wedding photographs.
  3. Metallic: If you are a fan of glossy prints then a metallic finish would be the right choice for you. This finish works best for photographs with a lot of warm detailing. Ideal for high saturation images, the metallic finish offers a reflection effect that is loved by many. The sizes available in metallic are up to 30X72.

Final words

When it comes to photo processing, the wide availability of options can make anyone overwhelmed. Consider the top options discussed above or talk to the experts at McKenna, which is a highly recognized photo processing lab in Iowa.

Daniel Lee
the authorDaniel Lee