Wedding Dress

An Ultimate Guide to Wedding Dress Fabrics

It seems like there are a million options when it comes to wedding dresses (and, honestly, there might be). From picking the perfect length to the right color, it can make the task seem overwhelming.

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If you’re lucky enough to find the right one on your first day of looking, good for you. If not, you can level the playing field a little bit by knowing which fabrics you like and which you want to leave on the shelf.

How to Pick a Wedding Dress

What Colors Look Best on You?

Brides aren’t wearing white as a given anymore. Even if you are, it turns out there are seemingly 300 different shades of white and cream and eggshell and all that good stuff. Do you know how to find which colors look good on you? If not, that could be a great first step. If you have a colored ring band or trendy shape like an unique oval engagement ring, consider the color choice you made for that as well.

Yes, you’re the star of the show, but the wedding ring really plays the biggest supporting role (outside of your fiancé or whatever). If you know what colors look good on you but are still swamped with choices, consider something that can elevate the subtleties of your ring.

Consider the Season

Certain seasons have their own set of colors and materials. That can be a great place to start. If nothing else, this is a pragmatic choice. You wouldn’t wear heavy wool in the summer. We don’t recommend heavy wool wedding dresses in general, but you get the point, considering the season is equal parts function and fashion.

What Styles Do You Gravitate Toward?

We’re going to go out on a limb and assume you’ve browsed Pinterest once or twice. If you haven’t, well, the wedding dress websites do the same thing. If you’re paying attention, you probably notice which styles you gravitate toward and which don’t appeal to you as much.

If you want to be really Type A, catalog all the dresses you love and compare them to find the details they share.


Hey, it’s a factor. A beautiful wedding dress is great, but you probably won’t wear it on a casual night out. Overextending yourself on a big purchase, though? That tends to stick around. There are lots of beautiful dresses at reasonable costs, so don’t write off affordable alternatives.

Follow Your Heart

While the above may not give you the perfect dress, it will definitely point you in the right direction. If nothing else, though, you’ll probably have a few fabrics crossed off your list and a few top contenders. If not, though, here’s a rundown of your general options.

Popular Wedding Dress Fabric Options


This contender needs no introduction. Lace is continuously one of the most popular choices made by brides, and for good reason. It’s as classic a style as a wedding ring set. It’s simple and elegant, effortlessly capturing classic style.

Now, there are plenty of lace options. Like, a whole bunch. They’re all great in their own right, so don’t be afraid to ask the dress shop to see other styles of lace.


Another heavy hitter on this list, silk is a traditional and timeless option for a wedding dress. While there are plenty of wedding dress materials that utilize types of silk and silk blends, there’s nothing quite like the original. Silk is at home in all seasons but really shines in the warm weather for its temperature regulating qualities.


Satin is a lot like a house with curb appeal. You see it, you love the look and you probably wonder how much they paid for it. Oversimplification? Maybe, but the point stands. Satin gives off a unique sheen that no other material can achieve. With varying thicknesses, there’s a satin dress for all seasons.

While there are affordable versions (more on that in a moment), the real thing doesn’t come cheap. Now, it won’t run you the same cost as silk, but there are definitely better ways to save money. If we have to nitpick it, brides can be upset by satin’s tendency to wrinkle.


No, the name is spelled Siobhan. The fabric is chiffon. Sounds quite similar, though, so we see how you could be confused. Chiffon is an incredibly light and sheer fabric, so it is often used in conjunction with others. When paired with another material like lace (or in a darker color), a chiffon dress can look stunning while keeping you cool. This material is quite fragile, so be careful.


It’s simple and easy to take care of. What’s not to like? If you’re traveling for your wedding, polyester is no-fuss and still looks really good. Polyester satin is one of the most popular polyester choices, though it can be woven into most materials. If you’ll be in a hot, humid climate, polyester may not be the best choice, though.

Now is a really exciting time to get married because dresses have so many options that weren’t available even 30 years ago. With an ample amount of choices for color, length, style and material, you can find something that fits you perfectly, both literally and metaphorically.