The Price of Love of the Groom and Bride in Indonesia and Thailand – Bride Price

Love and money are like the requirements that can fulfil the needs of one another. Without money, there is no love, and without love, there is no money. When getting married, money matters a lot because, even though there is enough love between the couple, they cannot fulfil their daily needs if there is no money to support them.

Unlike dowry, the price that is paid from the groom’s side to the bride’s side is known as a bridal dowry. In case of a simple dowry, the roles are exchanged as the groom will be paying for the bride while marrying her. The payment can be money, assets, investments, livestock, properties, and so on.

The groom’s party can arrange for the money either as the engagement price or the bride price (สินสอด, term in Thai) for the wedding. However, if some of the grooms are not able to arrange the amount, then some services will be of their help. Such services are known as the dowry rental service providers and Sinsord.DD is one such service. They offer money in the form of rent for the groom’s party that should be returned to them after the wedding rituals are completed.


Bridal Price

In some Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, etc., the wedding rituals include paying the bride’s family a certain amount from the groom’s side, when they plan to get married. This ritual was introduced in the Greek civilization centuries ago and has still been carried out in some orthodox families in these countries. Some families that have modernised their thoughts have left this ritual long ago as they believe in the fact that a husband and a wife should provide equally in a family.

The ritual of the groom paying some valuables to the bride while marrying her is still in practice in the families where there is an involvement of women in the agricultural work than the men. However, there are no such compulsions from the groom’s family or the bride’s family to pay the bride during the wedding in some places.

In some places, the bride’s dowry is paid in many ways such as in the form of fabrics, traditional cereals, fruits, groceries, marriage rings, assets, properties, cash, and so on. The groom’s family might require to arrange the bride’s dowry on time, and will need help from external sources. Some services work on offering the required amount in the form of rent. The hiring money is just like renting the wedding dress.

Money can be rented in the following steps

  • The family of the groom should provide all the information for renting the money. The information includes the name of the province of the marriage venue, the date of the wedding, the required dowry amount, and the time required to pay back the amount.
  • Booking for the amount should be done as early as possible to avoid the chances of rejection of the applications.
  • Signing the contract protocol should be completed as early as possible.

Once all these formalities are completed, the dowry rental service will get the amount to the groom’s family as early as possible.