Important Care Tips To Keep Your Engagement Ring Sparkling

The question was popped and now you have a dazzling engagement ring to showcase your love. As it beautifully adorns your finger, you may be wondering: How do I ensure this ring sparkles forever? Caring for fine jewelry involves more than you might expect, but it’s manageable. Here’s a handful of important steps you should take to properly care for your engagement ring.

For many women, an engagement ring is the most expensive jewelry piece they will ever own. Wanting to wear it day-in and day-out is natural. However, there are times when it should be taken off. Not only can removing the ring help keep it safe, but it can also help preserve the metal and stone’s integrity.

For instance, engagement rings should not be worn when using harsh chemicals. This can include going to the pool, cleaning the house and even in the shower, as some body washes are potentially destructive. Additionally, it’s advised to remove your ring before going to sleep. While it may feel more genuine to keep it on 24/7, sleeping poses a few problems. It can get snagged on pillows and other fabrics, pull hair, and accumulate sweat and oil overnight.

Remember, your gorgeous ring is fine jewelry and ought to be treated as such. Invest in a fabric-lined jewelry box, a dish, tray or even a pillow to keep it safe. There is a wide variety of storage options on the market to match any style. Have at least one option on-hand in the bedroom and maybe one in the kitchen to remind you to take it off before it comes in contact with bleach or chlorine-based cleaners.

What should you do with the ring when you wash your hands? Generally, it’s okay to wash your hands with the ring on if the soap is a mild formula. In fact, gentle dish soap and warm water are recommended for at-home cleaning. Just be sure to steer clear of hand sanitizer touching the ring. The ingredients in hand sanitizer and some antibacterial soaps can discolor and dull the ring over time. What’s more, the prongs on your setting can be loosened by sanitizer, possibly leading to the stone coming unfastened and falling out.

This leads us to the next important care tip: It’s key to regularly inspect the prongs and setting. Either while you clean it or before a big night out, meticulously examine the ring to check if its condition has changed. If you’re having doubts, you can take it into the jewelers for a professional inspection. Some shops provide an annual “prong check” for free or a small fee. While at the jewelers, consider having it professionally cleaned to help keep your stunning engagement ring looking its best.

Having a ring upkeep routine can be beneficial for the longevity of your brilliant bauble. For more care tips and a step-by-step cleaning guide, please see the accompanying resource.

Daniel Lee
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