Everything You Should Know Before Attending a Mehndi Party

In Indian cultures, the wedding celebration isn’t about a single day. It’s a series of functions that starts before the wedding day and goes on even after the couple exchanges vows. Amidst this, the most colourful and vibrant celebration before the wedding is the Mehendi party. The Mehendi or henna tattooing ceremony is one of the most significant and joyous moments where the couple’s loved ones join them as they receive these beautiful Mehendi designs on their hands that are said to bring good luck and protection. There is often live music and dancing during this process, which only adds to the already celebratory atmosphere that honours love and togetherness.

No matter how lavish the party is, here we break down all the things that you must know about this Indian wedding tradition before you go to attend. 

What is the Mehndi Party?

It is the pre-wedding event for the bride with their family members, relatives and closest friends. Before the wedding, the brides often have intricate bridal Mehandi designs on their hands and feet. Traditionally in many cultures, it is believed that the darker the color of the bridal Mehendi, the more love and affection a bride will receive from her partner and in-laws. To make the event exceptionally big, many people throw the grand event for their loved ones. 

History of Mehandi Party

Mehndi, also known as henna, is a dye made from Lawsonia inermis, which is the henna plant. For centuries, people living in warm climates, including the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and the Middle East have been using a henna paste to help control their body temperature. Henna has natural cooling properties which make it perfect for use in hot climates. Furthermore, it also includes medicinal properties such as it relieves stress, fever and headaches. Therefore, it is applied to the bride’s hands and feet to calm and cool their nerves.

Mehendi has been used in the form of body art for thousands of years. That’s why the Mehndi party is commonly held the day before the wedding to bless and prepare the bride for their big day. In Hindu tradition, mehndi is part of the Solah Shringar, which are sixteen bridal adornments. “Mehendi hai Rachne Wali, Haathon par Gehri Laali, Kahi sakhiya, haathon par khilne waali hai!”, there is no better song other than this to elaborate the significance of the Mehendi function. This is a ritual for the bride’s beauty enhancement from head to toe at the time of their wedding. In the Muslim culture, mehndi is also often used to colour hair or adorn hands.

What Happens at a Mehndi Party?

The foremost and most important thing that you can expect is the application of the best bridal Mehendi designs and Heena tattoos to their loved ones during the event. Then, you can expect fun with lots of dance, relishing food and music. How the Indian Mehendi parties depend upon the hosts. Some may choose to have choreographed dance performances that may have been rehearsed for months are a part of the experience! The dances are a fun way for the family to get competitive with each other. Women usually sit on the ground in front of the couple, singing songs and playing the dhol. You can expect the atmosphere to be made even more festive with colorful throw pillows and beautiful Mehendi décor. You might also get to experience live performers and entertainment as well. 

How to Plan a Mehndi Party?

To make your Mehendi ceremony memorable, here is the checklist for you: –

  • Fix the Venue

This is the first and the most important step. Want to hold your Mehendi ceremony at home or at some resort? Or prefer any outdoor location? Make this choice beforehand so to avoid the last-minute rush. 

  • Count on the guests

Make a list of your guests, as it will affect the activities and arrangements you can have, so make sure to plan accordingly. Usually, only the closest friends and relatives are invited to participate in the ceremony.

  • Contact the Mehendi Artist

Mehendi rates are no longer just based on Mehendi length. The design is also a factor. Make sure to share a reference of what you want with your mehndi artist before you finalize the costing. You can browse through thousands of stunning bridal Mehendi designs on the Internet and on Pinterest. 

  • Sort Your Mehendi Decoration

Use your creativity and customize the decoration with flowers, bridal seats, backdrops, easy and comfortable seats and many more. From pastels to florals, you can go with any theme that illustrates your personality and style.

  • Put the Entertainment On!

Music and dance are a must at the Mehendi function to add loads of fun. The arrangement of the Mehendi sangeet can make the event more enjoyable. You can hire choreographers or live artists to make sure that everyone is tapping to the beat. 

  • Arrange Food and Drinks

Without food and drinks, a mehndi party is impossible. So, as per the budget and season, make sure to select a good variety of food and drinks. 

  • Get creativity with photo booths and props.

Don’t forget to add creative and exciting photo booths to capture your special memories. You can ask your event manager to arrange props like eyeglasses, wearables etc. to provide an interesting angle in your event. 

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