Should You Rent that Wedding Gown? A Guide to Pay-Per-Use Weddings

Renting a wedding dress makes sense, considering the gown used on the wedding day is not worn again. It’s also lovely to find a wedding dress that is perfect for many possibilities. It’s possible through wedding day gown rental.

The luxury wedding dress is a goal for many brides. Unfortunately, some designs can be too expensive for a wedding budget. The rental collection includes many high-end designs that will be expensive to buy. In addition, you could discover wedding dresses worn by famous people in the rental collection. It’s an easy option to recreate the style.

The fitting of the wedding gown will enhance the bride’s appearance. Therefore, you should consider minimal customization/alteration to retain the original dress details. Therefore, hiring wedding dresses can save money but also provides the style that brides would like.

Pros and cons of renting a dress

A lot of women are looking into renting their dresses. Apart from purchasing the wedding dress, many brides must deal with preserving and storing their wedding dress. If you have a rented dress, all you need to do is pick the dress, put it on, and return it within the time frame you have been given. It’s not even necessary to worry about dry cleaning.


Renting is an excellent option for those with limited funds, but maintenance and space are problematic.

Cost: When you choose to rent a dress, you’ll pay less. Wedding dresses from designers can be rented for just a few hundred dollars. Certain packages can include wedding shoes, a veil, and a veil.

Maintenance: If you’ve rented a dress, maintaining and cleaning the dress is one of the most important things to do. After you’ve finished your dress, it’s possible to return it. The rental company handles the cleaning.

Destination weddings: Renting out a wedding dress for your destination will spare you from carrying the heavy suit bag onto an airplane. Numerous places known for their destination weddings, like Las Vegas or Hawaii, have many wedding rental stores.

Space: If you’re in a position with small storage space, renting can help you solve the storage space problem for your wedding dress.


Although renting a dress might seem like a good idea, be aware of these problems in your head:

Choice: The range of rental dresses is typically smaller than in typical boutiques, and the styles available could be a variety of seasons or even decades old.

Size: In most cases, you’ll be unable to alter your dress and select a dress that is the size you prefer. If the gown you’ve been dreaming of does not fit, you’ll need to find an alternative. If the rental place is willing to alter the dress, there is usually an additional cost.

Care: Although you won’t have to cover dry cleaning, you’ll be required to take care of your gown. When the gown is beyond repair, you’ll need to buy it from the store.

Personal: When you opt for a rental wedding dress, it is no longer possible to save the dress and give it to someone special.

Tips to Choose a Rental Gown

Check out these wedding dress guidelines to choose a wedding dress rental:

Find the right fit

Bridesmaids choosing wedding dresses

Test the dress on to determine the fit. If it’s not the perfect fit, figure out if minor adjustments can be made at renting shops. The majority will allow small adjustments; however, they will not permit anyone outside their store. Some rental sites like Rent the Runway give brides the option of choosing another size in the event that the size isn’t enough.

Consider a variety of dress options.

Renting options are less restricted than buying a dress, So having several choices in mind instead of being adamant about the same style will aid you in making the best option. Consider classic looks informal, casual dresses, and various styles and levels of embellishment.

Contact Us for Rents in Smaller Bridal Shops

Some bridal shops might be willing to lease wedding gowns, even if they don’t advertise this service. Smaller bridal shops and wedding consignment stores with proprietors who are individuals will be the best option. If you’re looking for gowns locally, do not be afraid to ask the store if they offer rentals or are willing to look into it to purchase the dress you’ve had in mind.

Examine the condition of the dress

Examine the dress for cracks, tears, or other imperfections. Although most gowns have been cleaned, repaired, and cleaned following weddings, some might contain tiny stains or tears.

Think About Your Garments

Some shops may include the veil and petticoat, and others may charge a cost to rent these items. Certain shops, like Happily ever Borrowed and Little Things Borrowed, rent veil sets or complete sets of wedding-related accessories.

Modern Dresses for Brides of the Future

Renting a wedding dress is an affordable option that allows couples to reduce their wedding expenses without sacrificing their special day. With options such as pre-owned dresses and informal gowns and rentals, brides can appear stunning in the gown they’ve been dreaming of and reduce wedding costs.


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