Party Bands for Hire for Weddings

A party band is a collection of musicians that offer high-quality live music for weddings, along with other such celebrations. A party band for hire are often comprised of a lead singer, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, and a drummer, and they perform current and classic pop songs. They are also known as cover bands and function bands. There is also the option for a larger party band that may include a keyboardist, backing singers, and a brass section, among other elements.

A party band will also provide all the equipment needed including a PA system and stage lighting. Let’s take a look at some party bands that you would find for an evening’s wedding reception.

Soul/Funk/Motown bands

Soul, Funk, and Motown bands are a great addition to any style of a wedding reception or party. They’ll take you on a journey back in time to a time when pop music was filled with amazing harmonies and excellent vocal performances. We guarantee that your guests will enjoy the unforgettable classics that are performed and that they will be able to get them up on their feet dancing along to those classics.

They have an incredible ability to transition from high romance to high energy in an instant. So, prepare to be carried away by soulful vocals and a full brass section with funky bass lines. You won’t be able to keep your dancing feet under control if you hire one of these bands.

Indie bands for weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

When it comes to wedding receptions, indie wedding bands can add that extra special touch that makes them a great choice for the happy couple looking for something different and entertaining to keep their guests enthralled. The Indie Boom was a great time to grow up, and they’re a fantastic choice for weddings where the couple, the guests, or even the entire family generation grew up with it. They provide the perfect blend of nostalgia and youthful exuberance that indie rock is known for.

What exactly is Indie Rock?

Indie rock is a type of music that originated in the early 1970s in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although the term was first meant to refer to independent record labels, it eventually became associated with the music they fashioned and was used interchangeably with the terms alternative rock and guitar pop-rock. In the 80s, the meaning “indie” came to be used to describe the style of music produced on punk labels rather than by major record labels to describe the music produced on punk labels.

When grunge and punk revival bands in the United States, as well as Britpop musicians in the UK, gained acceptance in the 90s, the term “alternative” lost its original counter-cultural meaning. The term “indie rock” was associated with musicians and genres that wanted to retain their independence from the mainstream music establishment.

The subgenres and related types of indie music that emerged around the tail end of the 1990s included lo-fi rock, noise pop, emo, slowcore, post-rock, and math rock. Changes in the music industry, as well as the increasing significance of the internet, enabled a new wave of indie rock performers to achieve mainstream success in the 2000s, resulting in a disagreement about the definition of the term “indie rock.”

Acoustic Bands

Acoustic bands are the perfect accompaniment to a summer wedding. Couples getting married in the summer and looking to hire a wedding band need look no further. They are ideal for outdoor weddings held in a private garden or marque and will add a touch of elegance to your celebration. Starting from solo acoustic singers, acoustic duos and bands they will keep family and friends entertained throughout the day and into the evening time.

Acoustic roaming bands

An acoustic roaming band is a perfect choice for an outdoor gathering, where they can wander around and interact with your guests. A roaming band could be as small as a duo and up to a 5-piece band.

Vintage themed bands

Hiring a vintage jazz band for your celebration opens up a world of possibilities for how you want to plan your occasion, what theme you want to go with, and what dress code you want to implement. Vintage bands cover anything from the 1920s to the 1960s, and the themes available are some of the most elegant and simple to put together. You could go for a Gatsby-Esque look by wearing measured bowties, flapper headbands, and evening gowns. Leather jackets, poodle skirts, and blue jeans could get you into the rock and roll scene. You could even go as far as the 1940s in soldier uniforms and flowery shirt dresses. Vintage party bands can change their music and appearance to best suit your theme, making them an excellent choice for a themed wedding.

These are just a few options you may find interesting when you are searching for your perfect party band for your wedding day entertainment.

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