How to choose the right designer for your wedding invitations

Finding your soul mate is the beginning of your search for everything related to your wedding and it’s as difficult if not more. But that shouldn’t dampen your spirits because if done right everything becomes easy and enjoyable. Just like earlier, when you were dating.

Invitations are the first look your guests will get at your wedding. The Indian wedding invitation card set the tone of what to expect. Designing invitations helps you understand what you really want. And just like a good navigator, a good designer helps you through the process of realising what you want and gets it done for you.

Wedding Invitations are available in many ways. There will be a store selling invitations in your city. Someone could recommend an invitation designers studio or you could come across an online invitation card website. The question is which way to go?

The store selling invitation cards is of course very convenient and the chances are that you may find affordable options to suit your budget. It’s important to remember that stores don’t design, they just sell. The limitation is usually that stores can only stock to an extent and you may not find what you like. The options could be to buy what is available or search for another store with different designs. That can be quite a task, especially when time is at a premium with so much to do before the wedding.

An excellent option is a designer who can design what you exactly want. With a designer, you can get the highest level of personalisation. If you have the budget, look around for an invitation designer. The best sources are your friends and even your wedding planner can be a big help. But remember, good designer wedding cards, don’t come cheap.

Designer boutique or an invitation store, its devil or the deep sea. On one side it’s affordability with compromises and on the other, it’s perfect personalisation at a cost.

Worry not, the world is changing. There are options of “convenience + affordability + excellent designs” available in the online universe selling invitations. There are basically three types, fully customised, self-help and assisted.

Fully customised websites are the online studio of designers. You connect with the designer online and the rest is similar to a physical design studio. They will offer total personalisation just as in-person because the website is just an online storefront of a physical studio. You will get what you want but at a price- an elegant online wedding card.

Self Help websites are essentially tech-driven which allows them to keep costs low. They usually have fixed card designs and card combinations with editable wording templates. You can simply edit the text on the card and place your order which gets printed and shipped to you. It’s simple but you have to be careful while editing because whatever you edit will get printed as it is.

Assisted websites are the middle path. They are fully online designer-driven websites. Such designers use websites to simplify the designing and ordering process. Unlike self-help or DIY  websites, assisted ones are more flexible with minor design adjustments and fine-tuning your orders, because there is a designer at the other end to help you through the process. In a way, assisted websites offer you the best of both worlds.