Essential Factors to Consider When Hiring a Wedding Planner

Since planning a wedding is always a first-time thing for everyone, you might not be familiar with most items. Besides, planning the wedding itself is a stressful experience. Therefore, hiring a wedding planner to help you with various activities would be best. If you are planning weddings in Spain, “Marbella Wedding” is your ideal planner offering the best services. Usually, wedding planners provide three different types of services; thus, you can find a wedding planner for: 

Only the D-day

This one takes charge on the wedding day, ensuring everything goes as planned. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your day without having to stress over anything.

Specific Tasks Only

This wedding planner will help you with specific tasks like decorating and wedding florals or catering. 

Full-time planner

This planner will provide their services from the start of your wedding arrangements to the final day. They will handle each detail of the wedding regardless of its type. 

The following includes the essential factors to consider before you hire a wedding planner.

Trust and Personality

Generally, trust is a very crucial aspect of life. Thus, getting a planner whom you can trust with each detail of the wedding process is essential. Besides, you might sometimes need to give them money to bring you some wedding essentials. You will need a trustworthy planner who can deliver standard products without fraud. 

On the other hand, it is best to find a planner with whom you get along with. A person who can listen keenly and pay attention to every detail of your requirement. Also, get someone who can advise you on the best strategies to save on cost while delivering the best results.


To guarantee the success of your wedding, you should check the weddings your preferred planner has conducted before. Ensure that at least one style matches yours. The questions that you can keep in mind during portfolio evaluation include the following:

  • Does the planner specialize in a specific wedding type?
  • Does the planner have vendors they collaborate with, and can they get you a discount from them?
  • Are they familiar with your wedding location?
  • What are the wedding sizes they usually deal with?

Since every planner has its way of doing things, ensure they match your desires. 


Every wedding is different, and the type of wedding planner you want to hire significantly influences the price you will pay. For instance, a full-time planner will be more expensive than a planner carrying out a specific task on D-day. Typically, the pricing structure can be;

  • An hourly rate
  • A base fee plus extra charges depending on your specific requirements and vendors 
  • A flat fee

You should check the inclusion of a flat fee if your planners offer it. Again, ensure you evaluate the billing method provided and the payment structure.

Find a planner who fits your budget to avoid frustrations when it comes to financing other wedding activities. 


A planning process cannot be successful unless there is proper communication. Ensure that the planner is not too busy to attend to your needs. Also, they should communicate on time, especially if something does not go as expected. This gives time for alternatives to be sorted. 


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