Collecting Guest Addresses One of the Most Important Steps of Wedding Planning

While we all know that wedding planning needs to be done step by step and if we forget something our entire function can go for a toss. Just like creating a budget, setting up a date and the venue is important, the same goes with the collection of guest addresses which needs to be done at the initial stage. This has become more evident after these covid times when it was difficult to reach out to every guest personally.

Though this step may seem like a minor one, with time you will realize that this will be time-consuming and frustrating work (especially if you choose to wait till the last minute). One of the easy ways for collecting the address is through the MyinvitelistThey can help with the wedding address collection by signing up on their site. You can send those links to your family and friends who can fill up their details. And this is completely safe too.

Other than this, here are some simple ways to collect the address:

  • Startup by collecting the addresses at an early stage, immediately after preparing the guest list. Or else at least start this process a month before that big date.
  • As mentioned above, you can make use of an online guest book tool where the guests can write up their up-to-date information so that you can reach out to them at the earliest.
  • Take the help of your loved ones like your in-laws, parents, and siblings to prepare the list of addresses of all the invitees.
  • Make a good gesture by sending personalized emails to your guests because this would make them feel important and will appreciate your hard work. If you don’t have their email address then you can try contacting them on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Lastly and most importantly make sure that you have all the guest list information and have not left out anyone. You can then send all the invitations together so that it reaches them on time.